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Web Hosting

Host With us. We Will Take Care of You!

Fast - Reliable - Dedicated Resources

While Other providers may toss you on a server with thousands of other accounts, Our servers are built with only premium hardware and are never overloaded. You are guaranteed to receive all of the resources that you signed up for. We never oversell, period.

  Budget Web Hosting Packages   Boundless Web Hosting Packages
  Mini Lite   Standard Pro Enterprise Regal
Primary Space: 100 Mb 500 Mb   2 Gb
(2,048 Mb)
4 Gb
(4,096 Mb)
8 Gb
(8,192 Mb)
24 Gb
(24,576 Mb)
*Total Space: 500 Mb 2 Gb
(2,500 Mb)
  10 Gb
(10,240 Mb)
20 Gb
(20,480 Mb)
40 Gb
(40,960 Mb)
120 Gb
(122,880 Mb)
Bandwidth: 1 Gb
(1,024 Mb)
1 Gb
(1,024 Mb)
  13 Gb
(13,312 Mb)
25 Gb
(25,600 Mb)
50 Gb
(51,200 Mb)
115 Gb
(117,760 Mb)
FTP Accounts: 1 5   unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Email Accounts: 1 10   unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
MySQL Databases: 0 1   unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Subdomains: 0 5   unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Parked Domains: 0 1   unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Addon Domains: 0 1   unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Email Lists: unlimited unlimited   unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Daily/Weekly/Monthly Backups:  
Easy Install Scripts:
(WordPress, Website builders ...)
Lowest Monthly Price: $2.67 $5.39   $8.09 $10.79 $13.49 $18.89
No Contract Monthly Price: $5.94 $11.99   $17.99 $23.99 $29.99 $41.99
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NOTICE: Server migration in progress. Please visit Boundless Web Hosting to place your order.

*GigaBitWare provides additional dedicated backup space 4 times the amount of your primary disk space. 3/4th of this backup space is stored on a separate drive on the server to prevent corruption. They are daily, weekly, and monthly backups. 1/4th of the space is on a remote server to prevent unauthorized access.

Programming and Design

Making Your Life Simple!

GigaBitWare has been creating software for businesses since 1999. Our software is built to make the workplace easier, save money, and last well beyond other software.

By taking the time to understand the way you do business we create solutions; that cuts workload and are easy to understand. Our design work is often simple as not to distract from what is important. With easy-to-use interfaces for both your customers and employees alike, you can be sure that we can help increase your profits.

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SSL Certificates

Say NO to High-Cost SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates as low as $12.99

People are getting smart about online security. More and more of your customers are looking for the padlock icon, the "https" prefix and a green address bar in their browser before submitting personal information online. If your Web site does not have an SSL Certificate, visitors may leave before making a purchase, creating an account or, even signing up for a newsletter. But you can change that with an SSL Certificate.

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Merchant Accounts

Name Your Own Price Merchant Accounts!

Yes! You Can Negotiate Your Own Price!

With today's competitive market and every other merchant account provider giving the run around when quoting prices, we have taken a different approach. By providing just a little bit of information, we will allow you to adjust the variables on your quote until you get the price and terms you are looking for.

Name Your Own Price Merchant Account

Business Consultation

Every Decision is an Opportunity to Positively Affect your Business.

GigaBitWare expands your possibilities by allowing you to add depth of experience and proven leadership to do what is right for your organization while maintaining minimal disruption to your employees and existing systems.

As a rule, we do not start a project without knowing where and how it ends. What makes the difference is seasoned project leadership for complex problems, generating measurable results, and a unique value by combining our depth of experience with your existing resources.

You will judge the value of our contribution by looking at what together we accomplish for your business and realizing that it happened better and faster with our help.

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Want Everyone Talking?

GigaBitWare can assist with online, print, and social marketing. You can not go wrong with our arsenal of tools available to you.

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Additional Products and Services

Don't See What You Want?

GigaBitWare offers many additional products and services that are not listed here. If you do not see what you are looking for please contact us and we will help you find what you need.

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