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  • Thank you loyal customers.
  • Server Upgrades!
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Thank you to our loyal customers.

I would like to thank all the loyal customers of GigaBitWare for their many years of patronage. It is because of your support that I have been able to design and produce new innovative software from scratch.

For those that don't know ...

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Server Upgrades!

Thought our servers were fast before? Well they just got even better. All shared hosting servers have been upgraded. With our proprietary (and genius if I may add,) custom built processes allow us to run your accounts with incredible speed and reliability even with the smallest of servers.

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System Health, Firewall, and Resource Monitoring

Along with our amazing hardware upgrades GigaBitWare proudly announces many software upgrades including our in house system health, firewall, and resource monitoring software. These upgrades assist with keeping your server safe, secure, and reliable. Most of everything will be handled on the back end and you should not even notice it is running. GigaBitWare is working around the clock monitoring all servers to ensure that they are running as healthy as can be. Additionally some new policies were developed to help keep everyone safe on our shared servers and to keep the few from hogging up shared resources for themselves.

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New GigaBitWare Control Panel

GigaBitWare will be releasing a new control panel at This control panel will allow you to accomplish so much more than you currently can. Soon all billing and administration will be handled on instead of More information will be released soon. Until then there is no need to create an account at as one will automatically be migrated from This new control panel will not replace cPanel or WHM and those will still be available to you.

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